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A Taste of Gold

PaladoroByzantine enamel ”The Almighty Pantokrator Christ” from the altarpiece Pala d´Oro in the Basilica di San Marco in Venice Italy.

You simply must have noticed. All the gold whirling around us recent years. Visually apparent within fashion and interior design. Suddenly all over the place and I have found myself, bit by bit, transforming from silver to gold. There was a craving for and an attraction in gold hard to resist. No exaggeration, an organic eye shadow, a piece of silk, a new vision of jewelry given to me by mom. Everything within reach.

Gold Necklace Brasilia In times when economic values and systems are questioned, commodity prices seems to become hard currency (or at least discussed as such). It´s interesting to see this golden trend spreading all over. Like a huge web of solid gold metal to counter/balance a structure of decomposition.
Golden Necklace Brasilia

Circling in ornamented byzinthian tradition of patterns, soft organic shapes or flat cut patterns inspired by Islamic patterns. Like a horisontal grid, a matrix holding a world in motion. Circling like the serpent in paradise or as the kundalini serpent – the symbol of divine life force and sexuality. A new ground or fence trying to keep one side from the other? The evil from the good, the pleasurable from the restrained? I choose to see it as a reminder of a sacred life embracing the both light and dark. Our last unused gold reserve that need to be brought to light, be an asset to every living being and no longer live a modest life.
Gold Earrings
I am also thinking of gold as a historic symbol of potency and the individuals longing to regain liberty. As can be created through regaining that symbolism and conquer authority. Make it every man and womans ”own property”. Silent observing fashion designers reveling in gold recent seasons. With a royal touch through choice of photo environments and accessories. The powerful thought in imagining how people besiege the royal palaces, drapes themselves in curtains of gold brocade and adorn with regalias and crown jewels…!!!
Very exclusive earrings Golden Earrings from Loree Rodkin.

Yes, we´ll walk in fields of gold!