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Are you a rebel?

Has it occured to you we are in the progress of a revolution? Numbers of people experiencing big changes in their lives? Momentous events in various large scale that signals our entry to a new era? It´s been specifically obvious recent years growing from personal seeking to becoming a powerful collective and global movement. A time current.

Fleur de LysThe french lily showed up one day in december of 2012 – La fleur-de-lys. A white (here a black graphic version) stylized lily with roots from from the East and the Byzantine Empire. Later on a heraldic symbol used on shields by Louis VII. In the Christian tradition associated with the holy trinity – the father, son and holy spirit and with Mary. A symbol of virginity that lost its virginity through abuse of power in the former kingdom of France. Replaced after the French Revolution by the Tricolor but still a strong symbol of power and purity.

Words like governance, rebellion and purity seems adequate in this context. I feel strongly this revolution is manifesting in our new common reality. In your reality, as you perceive it now. With soul and heart as only weapons. The new era is here – whatever you choose to call it. The New Age, The Golden Age or The time of Now. Beyond belief systems and boundaries.

It´s a friendly kind of revolution thanks to the revolution of yoga and mindfulness. Teaching us to discover new depths soul- and bodywise. Giving us the strength and open minds to receive in clarity. The food revolution – open minds and bodies longing for clean and pure food in harmony with nature. Food as our new medicine. The sexual revolution and tantra deepening our awareness and opens doors to enclosed spaces. The revolution of the heart.

This new open mind dares to question old structures and no areas are left untouched. Politics, economy, global resources… The global cleansing is flowing from the only source. Our own Mother Nature. The female energy needs to be balanced worldwide and SHE leads us. The intuitive feminine energy knowing what is right and shows the way to creative life force. As can be shaped in many ways. Through inward listening and resting in her we let the antithesis, the masculine energy be in it´s power. In every man and woman, in solitude and togetherness. Both energies in balance, yin and yang, earth and heaven.

A digitally overloaded mind, due to the copyright revolution and digital revolution, looking for it´s opposite. Finding it in the Void – from beyond overloaded to open and receiving. Where it can rest with ease from anxiety and copying. The authentic expression.

Right now we´re rocked into this epmty space – by the void itself! So gently rocked into this peace, to the core, mine and yours. In this new space where we can find completely new pathways created by ourselves. Our newborn and opened minds are sensitive receivers of condensations and rarefactions embodied through perceptions of sound, light and shapes. Both non-physical and physical. My own experience is that only through connecting to the void one gets in touch with natural origin and unity consciousness.

So as we speak, the revolution creates itself right out of the void itself. With YOU as a cocreator.

Vive la (R)Évolution!