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Just Me

Just Me

Today a strong desire to leave old “explanatory models”. Not because there bad – they have all served their purpose – really. It is clear that this is how we collectively move on now, after years of exploring various wisdom teachings. Back to a natural listening. This of course depends on where you are on your own life journey.

It´s like the body comes to a certain point where there is just wisdom. A bit like falling into the arms of a good old friend. A supporting force and knowledge of coming home to one’s true self.

On my own path the wisdom of Ayurveda became a true inspiration. It has given me many answers to a lot of questions and a big understanding of the connection between body and soul. My bodytypes and dominant elements in relation to the world around and wholeness – nature.

Still – so what if I am “this or that” – I no longer need to be definied by something outside myself! Recognizing that at the same time as it gives answers, and to some extent relief, it may also give a false view of some kind of separation.

I believe this goes for numerous models and don´t take me wrong – some of them are really relevant. I just feel that when purpose is served it´s time to let go and move on.
This goes for all kind of inspiration – GET INSPIRED, ENJOY, REFINE and MOVE ON. So now it´s time for me to leave certain parts behind with the certainty that I received the lessons I needed.

Becoming just ME.