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Genderless creativity


Today my aim was to go back in time and rhythms of trends. To describe some of recent years erotic trend and how it seems to merge with poetic and romantic currents. Among the pictures that has fascinated me during this time has been a series of photos with a very graphic expression by Torontoborn photographer Daryl Banks.

It´s a series of photos in graphic patterns and strong colours he calls Crinoline Flowers.
Now uppdating on his webbsite and blogg I get stunned. He has this recent november chosen to come out as transgender. In that brave step he is supported by his family to meet obstacles that may follow that decision.


In his latest bloggpost I read that he is now questioned as a freelance photographer, bookings cancelled due to him being transgender. I ask myself how it is possible that people 2013 can be so afraid? What can we do to change this world?

I wish to see more creative work by Sophia Banks in the near future – maybe at Fotografiska?

”These are some hand made authentic polaroid transfers. These are made with actual film and take a lot more work then just applying an Instragram filter.”