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Holy of Holies

Golden Face
Image above is a campaign image from Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer ´13. Check out this beautiful video from Autumn/Winter Collection 2013. This look very much visualize existing and coming trend. This is the description: “The Ecclesiastical wardrobe, from communion gowns to Cardinals’ robes. The high church. nuns, popes, angels. Ballets Russes. Virgin Queen. …Hoop skirts, caging and corsetry enhance and idealize a quintessentially feminine silhouette and introduce an erotic undercurrent further suggested by stockings, suspender belts and harnessing. Each look is worn with an embellished ruff: faces are framed.”

The core message of the Gold Trend is the message about our own value as individuals – our own sacredness. This will continue to manifest and become more visible in a near future. We have the choice to make decisions arising from reliance and hope rather than fear and limitations. Being in contact with the essence of ourselves opens so many new rooms that nothing seems impossible anymore. So in the long run it is much more than a trend – a new foundation for a new era.

When the doors are about to be opened, it is also many others, old doors closed. It is natural to search for new visual frames that strengthen the faith and confidence. In the physical reality it might be questions about your home and your clothes. How do you wish to welcome yourself in your own home? How do you strengthen your own experience of your new self outwards?

What external changes would you implement to clarify the internal journey that is being manifested in your own reality? These are all questions that assume a new need. A need for new symbols and rituals. In the home, it may be an altar, a place for important items that supports your inner work. Generally in home decorating a longing for a quiet stripped down and more durable framing.

There is great potential for a new approach to interior design. Away from the earlier ideal of the home as a sort of backdrop with new feature walls every season. The opposite is the term restful. A kind of “Holy of Holies” in a personal way. Inspiration can be found in churches and various spiritual traditions sacred places. As for historic buildings and artistic environments. Painted wall surfaces in the eco-friendly paints, such as i.e. egg tempera, are becoming more common. As well as personal hand-painted patterns. I also believe that we in a larger degree will decorate our ceilings with decorative paintings. Perhaps we will see more of the ceiling and wall paintings inspired by the ancient painting technique “Al Secco”.

Fabric VenusThe image to the right shows the fabric Venus from french Pierre Frey with inspiration from mural paintings in Sixtinian Chapel.

It is clear that at various stages before major future changes we start to look in the rearview mirror. As for knowing in our roots deep – down to the source and the Earth. Before then reaching for new heavens.

In fashion, it is my feeling that the silhouettes will completely change. On my own journey, I have at times been completely lost because the silhouettes always comes first to me and suddenly there were no silhouettes that attracted. We will again borrow forms from the solemn ecclesiastical costumes. Ultimately, I believe that there are new silhouettes formed by several different trends together. Although different ethnic traditions will affect garments and styles.

Hand in hand with these new needs for spiritual nourishment in interior design and fashion is sustainability. It seems the road is still unnecessarily long. The range is very limited if you want to go all the way with organic materials and ethical thinking. It is often difficult to get good information about materials and dyeing techniques. The only way to affect, the way I see it, is to be true to one´s convictions and be uncompromising. Do you dare to be uncompromising?

Hilma at Heart

The Ten Largest

This exhibition at Moderna Museet Stockholm is so longed for by so many. Hilma af Klint won´t stop to puzzle us, how was she able to create this works of art so far beyond their time? It´s easy to become overewhelmed by many of theese giant pieces of art created with egg tempera on paper. What colour intensity and what a mighty feeling to be close. It’s totally pointless to try and image, these should be experienced with all the senses!