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Divine Inspiration

A slow motion journey through time and space, experienced through the divine feminine. In company with animal archetypes and beautiful mother nature as a source of healing and abundance. In contact with history through generations and indigenous people. Like a symbolic expression of our time right now and what many are going through – in times of cleansing. This is my freely interpreted description of this piece of art. Merging into the experience, feeling it. Sending some gratitude to the maker of this film. Feeling appreciation to the universe providing us with such beauty.
Can you feel it?

Credits for the music: 1) Nicos Hatzopoulos – Secret Love, 2) Oliver Shanti (& Friends) – Sacral Nirvana, 3) Djam & Fam – She Left Home, 4) Scuba – Before (After).

Current moves


To move through trends observing them is something that can be done on many levels. When observing the surface it might look like ”just another playground” for designers, trendsetters and marketing people. Another more or less not-so-interesting concept that someone scribbled down with maybe not purely noble ideals. With a purpose to sell or get that extra piece of the market. That is ONE reality.

What gets me going, about currents becoming trends, is the underlying message that seems to communicate looking into it more deeply. Take a closer look at the erotic trend i.e. a really growing trend for years. With mistress-shops and concept, home parties, clubs, workshops and festivals. In Sweden where I live numerous possibilities to grow and educate. I could go on describing the surface of product design with french design influences from Chantal Thomass (I would love that, really. Let me pick up that thread later on!)

What strucks me is when the current changes you get to see the purpose… the bigger picture. It is as if the trend serves as an opener to other currents. And taking a closer look there you can find really life changing depths. On the whole a cleansing process. Zooming out a little, again you can get another angle and become a witness of a large global movement with a purpose to free our minds and the best of all… Nobody ”owns” it… nobody is in charge! Or rather WE own the process… WE are all in charge. We are all the ones that can free our minds. And the real magic is to see theese currents move around the globe. Is it Mother Earth that makes the kundalini-serpent move? I choose to believe this since no other thought gives me more meaning.

This thought also brings a deeper connection to beeing a part of an organic process. That even when we can hardly see our way we are parts of something bigger. We are a part of creation and this in itself is big enough!