Follow the Void Caravan

Observing current signs and symbols is a passion-driven game I play. Through the expressions of my environment I engage intuitively like an explorer of time currents. Mostly unconscious and with consciousness too. Filtered through my perception.

The original image (Rebel by Jean-Baptiste Fort) pictured above was used two years ago, as a symbol in the first post ever, here on the blog. As a kind of manifest of the new era growing in this now.

Today reconnecting with it in a spontaneous rendezvous through a window display in Stockholm. Developed by evolution, multicopied, framed and matted, ready to spread the word of light, hope and strength. Or égalité, fraternité and liberté.

A closing of a circle. The evolution is in progress. Through the love, yoga, food and digital revolutions it evolutes us. From the inside out and reversed. Polarity, balance and the magic in the meeting point between the two. Growing and flowing with time.
Come join the void caravane!

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